's CMC suggested applications


(No real time communication)


6Mb-4Mb (It depends)
For me the best, and a good spam and anti-virus protection
2 Mb
Lots of spam, and very reduced space...
Very good

*** Different Email Applications for free

EFL Penpals

For adults. Other languages to practice and placement tests
For adults. No educational aims
For language leaning

Articles on the use of email and penpals

*** Handy bits



A very good tool to create communities including other components such as Mysql
Very good one and suitable for some web site hosts.
ASome free software to create discussion forums.
You have to register before, but it looks good.
A sort of mail-news-BBS all together and open source
Php BBS tools ready for using...well, better if you have knowledge on Php...
BBS, free and pay version
A completely free application for managing email distribution lists
A whole list of free software to create forums on the net


EFL Forums

Not very active, but it is ok... (There are other two in the same website: 1 & 2
From one of the pioners on CALL
"...to provide an online database and virtual meeting place that allow language learners to meet one another and to exchange knowledge about their languages and cultures in ways that promote language acquisition and cultural awareness..."
"POLYGLOT allows you to find the right person ready to exchange languages with you. You will search for penpals according to age, gender, location, hobbies ... Polyglot is fully customizable. You will choose your own icons, styles or post your own Polyglot translations, so that more people speaking your language can become a member..."

"...Members from over 130 countries, practicing 115 languages!

"QUT Language Exchange Program has been established by ISS to help those QUT staff and students who would like to take advantage of learning a language from a native speaker and, in return, teach somebody his/ her own language...."
"LanguageTradeTM brings you FREE INTERNET VOICE CHATS with native speakers of the foreign language you want to learn..."
Another community created by this well-known net of academies of languages all over the world.
Wow! what a good thing...! Have a look, please...
A free BBS with audio
This is the one created got FCE, but there are also for CAE and Proficiency

Articles on the use of Forums in ELT


Virtual blackboards

"Java applet used to make graphical teleconferences (like the whiteboard in Netmeeting)"
"...free remote control software package derived from the popular VNC software..."
"The touch-sensitive display connects to your computer and digital projector to show your computer image. You can then control computer applications directly from the display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later"


Using interactive whiteboards (ICT advice for Teachers)

Integrating an Interactive Whiteboard into the Languages Classroom By Sandra Reed


Perhaps, the best site for knowing more about this difficult topic... and one of the solutions to be more or less trained... Also with a very active forum: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/emoderators/join
Wow! what a blog!!!
"Education, Coaching and Training Innovators"
Other website similar to the one above. I think it is also good.


Bibliography and articles on e-moderation

University of Massachusetts Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution Online ODR Bibliography

November 2003: "Online Discussion", Side Bars



(Real time communication)


The best free CMC tool for chatting, though I prefer using private chat (wit messenger)
Another private non educational chat for adults 
You must register fist of having installed previously AOL IM software 
Like the others, you can use it, either privately-creating your own chatroom- or publicly, using the existent rooms 
It is not free, but of course it has a demo. Recommended by Ayden. It appears to be similar to v-class,but I am not sure. 


Articles on the use of Chats in ELT

Almeida d'Eça, T. The Use of chat in EFL/ESL, T-esl-tj, Vol. 7. No. 1 Int June 2003

Computer Special Interest Group, Vol. 3, Issue 4 (October 2003)


Instant Messaging

Until new Msn 6.0 arrived, I considered this one the best messenger, eventhough it has many options still others do not have. (Web version)
This last version is great. Very sound and image quality. Web messenger (No downloading required, you need a passport account)
Downloading & Web version
"... is a web application that enables you to access MSN without having to install any program or Java applet..."
Free, no downloading required. You could get contacts from Msn, AOL and Yahoo at the same time.
I haven't tried it yet, but it is very popular in the US.

Articles and comparatives

Online Collaboration Tools, Athabasca University

Farmer, R. (2004) "Instant Messaging" Collaborative Tool or Educator’s nightmare!

Vaughan-Nichols, St. Instant Messaging Clients


Chat with Voice

Only in Portuguese, but it could be useful. It is similar thou need to install a program before.
Written in PHP, it seems a good thing, though I haven't tried it yet
A very good tool, and very well-known at the same time.
Paltalk. Y
I don't like it very much, but there are many people who has it, and have very good experiences with it.
"... is an open community for education and training professionals. Members have free access to a wide range of opportunities to interact with peers from across the globe -- live online, asynchronously and even face-to-face. Member activities include live webcasts and interviews with industry leaders, online voice and text debates and discussions, live coverage of industry conferences, and international working groups on educational policy and pedagogies...." WIA's office.
It seems to be by pay
Like most of this kind you need to download something before use. (For WIA)
Have a look at the tutorial writen by Dafne...
Not exactly voiced chat... but "the largest free teleconference service in the world"
"Conference Rooms rented on a month by month basis. There are no set-up or ongoing costs "
A voice tool created by Elluminate to create corses with voice. Review by Buth
Webminar tool developed by the Open University (webcam,pdf logs, chat, etc)
Vyew "...a browser-based conferencing and always-on collaboration platform that provides instant visual communication without the need for client downloads or installations..."

Articles on Chats with voice (and others)

A study into the use of online voice tools by Michael Coghlan
(conducted as part of the Flexible Learning Leaders program, 2003)

The Lolas ("...recognize outstanding achievement in the design, delivery and production of live online learning events from across the globe)

Webminars (CEGSA)


It ia a free tool but you have to register before. It could have some adds...
Though it is not free you have 30 days trial. It could be a good tool. I hadn't tried yet.
CMC tool mainly created for synchronic communication. See post by Buth
"FREE Try-outs of 16 Tools" (of the most important tools)
"a collection of Web conferencing and
collaboration tools. ..... common powerful voice over IP
module with a number of basic complementary facilities including text
chat and a well designed web touring facility". (efacilitation YG)
"a good technology for application sharing and remote control with integrated audio. eBLVD offers also recording of sessions while keeping access and use very simple and
easy". (efacilitation YG). Not free, but demo.
"the interface is much easier to use, and along with integrated audio over the Internet, Webconference.com provides solid Web touring, application sharing, remote control, whiteboard, file transfer, text chat and more". (efacilitation YG). Not free but demo.
"while not
including audio, provides strong presentation, Web touring, whiteboard
facilities and polling". (efacilitation YG) Not free, demo.
Free tool for voice and image, however limitations of people and not very good sound.
"...imple, small, secure web conferencing on any platform that supports Java..."
"...a video camera featuring an autofocusing autoexposure F/2.8 lens & dual mike."
It is not free but there are some trials. "No text chat. Video and audio quality are absolutely top class". (efacilitation YG). Not free but demo.
NEWW "...powerful and robust Internet teaching and conferencing environment based on open-source Internet conferencing software..."

Articles on the use of Video-Conference in ELT

El mundo de la Video-conferencias (Books on Videoconference by Jean Micheal Chaupart)

Web Conferencing Solutions, kind of tutorial on videoconferencing and presentation of a tool.

Videoconferencing in Foreign Language Education by Robert O'Dowd


My favourite one...
"...Diversity University MOO campuses are Internet locations for serious experimentation in network-based, interactive teaching, learning and social services...."
"...is about words which have been misplaced or have no obvious home. It exists at a place called Lingua MOO...."
A Brazilian MOO for teaching purposes 

Articles on the use of MOO in ELT

Markus, K. (2003) Negotiation Of Meaning And Code switching in Online Tandems, Language & Learning Technology (Vol. 7, No.2, May 2003, pp. 145-172)

Encore MOO Portfolio (A great recollection of MOOs from Universities from all around the world)

Selected articles, books and websites on the use of synchronous communication in ELT

Foreman, J. Distance Learning and Synchronous Interaction The Michigan Virtual University

Hofman, J The Synchronous Trainer's Survival Guide : Facilitating Successful Live and Online Courses, Meetings, and Events

Insync Training (A very good website on the use of this kind of CMC. Very good)


Second life



It seem a rather fascinating thing, with lots of CMC tools ready to use, and what I am seeing, free...
"This project aims to produce a free portal system for villages and other local communities"
I think it is a good free tool forcollaboration projects.
"...helps organizations realize business value from online communication tools like online communities and Weblogs"
" integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, providing expertise and software solutions that continuously align goals, develop people, and measure results—enabling the Aligned Enterprise™ and driving organizational performance."
An open source application to do collaborative work
"consists of an Online Address Book, an Instant Messenger/Communicator component, an Online Calendar and Events tracker and a Task management system. It also includes a Poll and a Media Conferencing and Broadcasting module..."
"...Our goal is to build and deliver a common platform of integrated network applications that is readily available and usable by every teacher and student in the world..."
"...groupware system providing students and tutors with voice conferencing and synchronous, visual workspace tools, all operating over the standard internet via a single dial-up phone line..."
"It allows any user to set up a working or learning group around a particular topic (a context), add people to it, add resources (web pages, documents etc) to it, set up group tasks, and then engage in group and personal "conversations" about the topic..."
"...ACollab is an access standards compliant, Open Source, multi-group Web-based collaborative work environment, available free for most uses..."
"...users in your organization can easily create, manage, and build their own collaborative Web sites and make them available throughout the organization..." (Microsoft, pay)
"(Basic Support for Cooperative Work) enables collaboration over the Web..."
"...is a collection of different web-based solutions for collaborative learning, groupwork and learning management. .... is a server software you could use with a normal web browser..."
"Quickly and easily share online meetings, presentations and training courses over the Internet—using the familiar PowerPoint application and the Macromedia Flash format..." (Pay)
"...provides web collaboration software tools for project teams, distributed organizations and online communities. ..... provide thoughtful guidance and practical tools for engaging people in productive online collaborative and learning processes..."(Pay)
Group ware to share photos and more...
The new product by Google (free by the moment), but you must be invited by a member.
It seem to be created for big companies and by pay, but not sure


CEGSA (Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia)

Iplan (Community engagement techniques and tools)

Articles on Communities

12 Principles of Collaboration (Mongoose technology)


One of the most famous tools for creating weblogs.
"...was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL..."
A very easy to use tool for creating blogs
"...a web-based tool ...under the GPL so it is completely free to use...written in PHP, and does not require additional libraries or databases to function.."
A tool for creating educative logs. Though it is very easy and friendly I had to change because there were many times where I couldn't see my blog.
"...it's free (instant download), it's open-source (GPL), it runs virtually anywhere (PHP/mySQL) and it's available in many languages!..."
"is online publishing's most flexible and creative software".
Though in English (sorry for the Spanish speakers...) is could be great for our students!
"... is a centralized journaling website. You can create a website with a journal and photogallery..."
Suggested by Isabel Pérez, it seems rather easy to use...
A quite original tool to create Blogs. I am sure it will shock you!
"...is the original opensource weblogging and journal software. With fully-integrated comments, searching, file uploading and image handling, completely customisable output through dozens of templates and variables, multiple author support, and many other features..."
Not free, but they offer a 30 day trial
The new Weblog tool by Terra-Lycos
"...is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind..." Mary's tutorial
A great Blog tool in Spanish
Tripod (Lycos)
Website+Blog (where you could upload photos, MP3, etc.)
"... simple-to-use (but extremely powerful and customizable) personal publishing ("blogging") tool, built on open source software..."
An open source platform to host weblogs.

Extras for Blogs

As you may now, once we have decided for the best blog, we realize it doesn't include tools such as the possibility of adding commentaries, tracks, etc... Here you are some of them

"...feedback system for bloggers and web page owners. It allows you to receive feedback from readers for entries you write in your blog or web page. backBlog has two versions: backBlogBasic - which is free - and backBlogPro - which offers enhanced features..."
It helps you to add a commentaries tool to those weblogs which don't have that possibility.
"... free, easy to use commenting and trackback system for weblogs and websites, allowing visitors to leave instant feedback..."
A Custom Poll Builder for Bloggers

Articles on Blogs applied to CALL and education in general

Bagaley, J. Blogging and a Course Management Tool The Michigan Virtual University


Campbell, A.P, Weblogs for Use with ESL Classes iteslj

"Creating and using weblogs in ESL/EFL" (2004) Ev2004 Session on Blogs for EFL

Godwin-Jones, B. (2003) EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES Blogs and Wikis: Environments for On-line Collaboration

LLT Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 12-16)

Google revamps blogging service, BBC News

Kennedy, K (2003) Writing With Web Logs TeachLearn

Suzuki,R (2004) Diaries as introspective research tools: From Ashton-Warner to Blogs, TESJ, Vol. 8. No. 1 INT June 2004

Weblogs Compendium , perhaps one of the best sites to go to find anything related blogs (from theory to indexes)



"...a reusable non-linear personal web notebook..." (open source)
"Combining the best of wikis, blogs, and forums, Wetpaint is the canvas where everyone gets a brush. From personal expression to collaboration, Wetpaint empowers you to connect with others on whatever you're passionate about"
"...allows users to freely create and edit web pages in any web browser.."


Educational Wikis: features and selection criteria, International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, (April - 2004)

Robert E. Raygan, Internet Collaboration, UAB ECE Special Topics with David G. Green Fall 2001


" Individual learners, teachers, and professionals create electronic portfolios to represent themselves using web-based software "
" e-portfolio system with the goal of supporting lifelong personal learning and development. . open source project.."


I don't like it very much the design, but it seems easy to use.
Not so free, just a trial...
Suggested by Isabel Perez, but I haven't tried it yet.
I think it is free... but I am not sure
Pay, but also a free version.."...ideal for small websites just looking for casual responses to multiple questions of different types. Alternatively if you wish to preview Perennial Survey it is a good idea to sign up to the free service and then upgrade if necessary"
"...a set of PHP scripts that interact with MySQL to develop surveys, publish surveys and collect responses to surveys...."
free, 20 surveys, in Spanish
The best I've ever used

Comparativative studies


Articles and tutorials

On Survey Creators, by Dafne González



A very easy tool to create rubrics.
"... is a free tool to help a teacher make quality rubrics..."



"...allows you to put multi-user java tools, such as whiteboard, chat, message boards and games, onto your web pages simply by pasting in a few lines of HTML code. It works on any browser which has Java JDK1.0 (practically any browser released since about 1995) without the user having to install any plugins..."


Forums and Communities to be updated on CMC tools

A huge community of more that 700 members.
My favourite one.
It is not so active as WIA, but it is not bad.


Knowledge Management

A new king of leaning, dealing with all fields
A conceptual map and other explanations of knowledge is spreading nowadays


Mapping software

I came to know this incredible invention thanks to a very good friend of mine. I hope all of you that you see this for the first time will enjoy so much as me. (I have always studied with schemas and this kind of maps, but I didn't know about special software for this...

Perhaps one of the best, but most expensive at the same time... Have a look at the different versions.
"...is designed to help support problem-based collaborative learning scenarios in which middle-school and high-school students learn critical inquiry skills that they can apply in everyday life as well as in science" (Open source)
IHMC, an article on this software application
"A Visualization Tool for Thinkers"
"DigiDocMap es un producto freeware desarrollado por y para el Master Online en Documentación Digital
Es un servicio de la comunidad hipertext.net para los profesionales de la información y la documentación"
"...an open-source lightweight Java tool for rapidly drawing UML diagrams with a sound and pop-up-free user interface."
Mapping designed for Kinds. Not free :(
The same as the others... pay.
It is also also offers a trial, since it is not free...
An on-line shop to find all the programs here shown.
From Banxia, it seems to be good, but pay. :(
Developed by Buzan
In other languages too. (view example)
Open source application
One of the best in Open software

Articles and Bibliography on mapping for developing ideas

Banxia explorer Bibliography (Very complete one)

Concept Mapping by Greg Freeman


Visual Search Engines

Great! Try with your favorite musician!
No, license
"...is a metasearch engine with visual display interfaces..."
Content Management
Yes *You need to install
Also Video and personal files search
Probably not available now...


CoP Websites

A very good quality blog on communities and knowledge management (Spanish)
"...is a non-profit association that has been researching knowledge management initiatives for the past 10 years..."
"...is an organisational transformation agency,
committed to augment the capability of people and organisations
to learn, work and evolve together..."
"...the community of practice on communities of practice".
A site of research papers, theories on communities, professional development, etc...
A KM community dealing only with CoP. They also admit articles and papers.
"This page is a news weblog about CoPs and online community. Sub-topics include a Reading Room, CoP & KM events, case studies, as well as a fun photo gallery and useful directories of thought leaders and real-world CoP projects"
A very good recollection of articles and sites on CoPs.
A website to learn more about communities where some course sucha as e-moderations are beign offered.
A very basic but well made website to get clear you ideas about CoPs.
A collection of materials developed by KM for a more general audience.
"Weblog: It's all about people and networks
A view of people working in networks and communities"
"the home of Creating More Value with Communities of Practice". (Blog)

** Most of the links here shown have been suggested at com-prac Yahoo group

Selected articles on Knowledge Management

Macroinnovation Associates (They offer a high quality recollection of articlaes on KM)


Events on CoPs

Sheffield, UK
Sept- 8-10, 2003
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
September 19-21, 2003


Nahcotta Washington 98637


October 13

October 26

November 3
London, UK
21-23 October 2003
Lisbon, Portugal
25-26 March 2004
2/3 April 2004
Den Haag, The Netherlands
14-15 June 2004
New York, EEEUU
25 June 2004
London, UK
July 12, 2004
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
August 5-8, 2004
Boston, USA
Oct' 15th 2004
McMaster World Cogress (Call for papers June 30th)
Ontario, Canada
January, 19-21 2005
Paris, France
September 18-22, 2005
C&T 2005 (Call f. p. dealine: Nov 12/Dec 03)
Milano, Italy
13-16 June 2005
G.O.R. 06 (Call for papers September 30th 2005)
Bielefeld, Germany
21- 22 March 2006

Conferencia Ibero-Americana www/Internet 2005

Call for papers till Sept 5th

Lisboa, Portugal
18 al 19 Octubre 2005

For more CMC Tools

Atabasca University comparative

The TLT Group


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