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They are many the tools that are suggested everyday at forums. that is why I have decided to create this section with all the material that I have and the new that I am receiving from now on wards... I hope you like it...

Presentations software

Have a look at the new version of the traditional ppt. Now, with Producer it has also voice. Viewer
"...free and open-source Java application, with installers available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X..."
"Create compelling step-by-step software demos, web animations, Flash tutorials, virtual tours and visual FAQs with the original Flash animation software..."/ Viewlet Cam
"...publish the content you already have to the Web quickly and easily. Enable your subject matter experts to produce high-quality, professional presentations, demonstrations, interactive tutorials and classes..."
"...-Create compelling presentations and e-learning courses, complete with narration, animation and interactivity.
- Develop and deliver content fast, while it's timely and relevant.
- Distribute your message widely over the Internet in a format anyone can view..."
"...browser-based rich learning experience that is automatically synchronized with their handwritten or typed notes..." (pay)
"...is a screen capture enabling you to capture videos off your X-Window desktop for illustration or documentation purposes..." (open source)
to work with Power Point and related collaborativelly (pay)
"...you are free to use your old Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, or save your work in PowerPoint format for sending to people who are still locked into Microsoft products. Alternatively, use IMPRESS's built-in ability to create Flash (.swf) versions of your presentations..." (Is it not good? ;) )
Not free, but not very expensive..../University of Murcia tutorial
"... enables production and delivery of synchronized plug-in free video and impaticized PowerPoint presentations combined with searchable text, dynamic indexing and navigation..."
"... simplifies and accelerates online meetings, presentations and training with one revolutionary integrated solution...+audio, ppt compatible, LMS..."
Robodemo -Captive
"...automatically records all on-screen actions and instantly creates an interactive Flash simulation..."
"... is the easiest way to create interactive demonstrations and software simulations in Flash format...." You could add voice as well. ( 21 day trial demo)

Articles related and other stuff

"PowerPoint to E-Learning Shootout" at San Francisco Training Fall 2004 Conference (Suggested by Eduardo Hernández)


Working with images....

One of the most recommended ones
Yes (Open Source)


Images material

A collection of photos for the Educational usage dealing with anglosaxon topics.
Incredible creative pictures bank ordered by social categories, but you have to pay
"...A place to keep post production materials for use of reference, an inactive job file. ...contains free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use..."
"...over one free million images in its extensive online archive, including photography, clipart, illustrations, footage, and maps..."
"Free photos to download"
Not only photos and images, but also complements for webmasters...
a place for exchange and commenting photos
"Royalty Free Stock Photography"
More photos to download, this time some kind of "intuitive ones"...
"FreeFoto.com is the largest collection of free photographs for private non-commercial use on the Internet"
"...is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students."
"Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive"
Browse, share and chat...
A huge list of links to get photos for free and pay. Great!
"Where to Find Free Images and Visuals for My Blog"
"...high-quality photos start at $1.00..."
"Royalty-Free stock images" (1$ per image)
An increadible database of multimedia materil ready to use. It also includes a forum project.
A collection of European historical images
I think all of them images, all them focussed on education
The same than before, with signs (traffic, flags, etc...).
"... 3000 images which we hope will be useful in the teaching of basic vocabulary in a variety of languages..."
With a single click you will have lots of images to get. Take into account copyright!
Very similar to Google, but with the possibility of choosing size.



A very complete tool to work also with video.
:( ** It could be some demo...
Not free, but there demos to try
Very good quality. It works also with image. Great for tutorials.
Not free, but demos.
Very easy to use software

Very mentioned tool by webheads and REO memeber... But I haven't tried it yet.

Not sure
"... allows you to create digital files from any audio .... This allows recording from external microphones, the line-in jack, the computer CD drive, Internet radio stations, movies, games, etc. (files may be saved in WAV or MP3).
There is a demo
For extracting CD tracks into your hard disc and more...


Audio Material

There are not many... but is is ok.
"RepeatAfterUs.com offers copyright-free classics with audio clips,
including poems, fables, essays, soliloquies, historical speeches,
memorable quotes, nursery rhymes, and children's stories from around the world...."
A website where you could listen debates on different topics
Audio + text about most of the relevant European leaders


Audio & ELT

Not only radio for non-natives, but also games, dictionaries... great!


Video (banks of video material)

Some comments
A huge collection of videos of everykind
Just great! have a look at that! Good for British Accents
Mostly Science,Phisics and Maths (CC)
A video searcher of news... It seems quite good!
A very good selection of Video material on historical events
A very good site to watch video on different topics.
Not many videos but ok
"An aggregator for educational videos that allows users to democratically post and vote for videos from well-known video websites"
Very similar to "You Tube" but educative focussed
Assorted videos to work on different topics
also, to make your videos interactive
Video agregator
A collection of video based on news of the week. American accent
A good collection of free Flash movies ready to be used at class.
Free text, audio and video stuff
More free text,audio and video stuff to download
"...a list of cool, funny, hilarious and painful videos"
Good lists of them
Tones of talks and points to be debated here
It could be an idea for all kind of students


Tools to work with video

"the Streaming Download Project is a small dedicated team of independent software coders. We are a nonprofit team with only one goal - understanding (and documenting) MMS fully. Our resulting implementation of our MMS document has lead to the development of a MMS streaming receiver for windows media streaming. So now, not only can you view the streaming media in preview mode, SDP receiver downloads (or copies) the stream to your hard disk. This cannot be achieved with a standard Windows Media player" Open Source
"...gmms is a simple MMS-stream downloader based on mmsclient that works on both Windows® and Linux. MMS-streams are multimedia streams broadcasted on the Internet, following the MMS-protocol" Open source
Microsoft solution. The most famous one...
Free and pay edition... (Great!!!)
Dubbed videos ideal to learn English, also tools to do it
One of the best...


Websites based on video for teaching foreign languages

A great project directed by Michael Marzio where diferent English accents are recordered all around the world by means of interviews an later practice with interactive exercises included.
"..English Bites is a television presentation and web site designed to help improve your English language skills..."
"*Study English using movie commercials!* "
Ready-made videos to learn English
"...Living English is for the English language learner at a beginner, or near beginner level. It is especially for people who wish to learn or revise their basic English skills..."
A very well done website for teaching French
A very good website to create and get video quizzes for your students
A new website greately created with Flash. It works with video clips, TV adds, games and others.


Web sites to get real video material to teach EFL

Specially designed for kids and education, but also adults


Other stuff on working with video in the classroom

A very good "tutorial" where several tips are suggested in order to work with digital video in the classroom. Very complete.
An application to sent video (like postcards)
"...Video to Flash Converter. Kibisis allows you to encode standard video and audio files into low bit rate Flash movies, ready to be streamed across today's Internet connections..."
Some very good links for decoding video (In Spanish, with possibility of translation)
"...FFmpeg is a complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec, the leading audio/video codec library. FFmpeg is developped under Linux, but it can compiled under most OSes..." (Free)
A basic but not undetailled website to work with this...
"...edit screen modes and professional, yet easy-to-use features make it a snap for anyone to transform raw video footage into impressive movies..."
"...multimedia creation tool for users of any level of technology skills. The updated software version is cross-platform and runs natively in OSX or on Windows machines..."/Free version
A very good finding!
I am not sure whether pay or not but it seems to give you plenty of information....
Not exactly dealling with education, but it helps...(+cutting video)
A very good article with links related from the BBC website.

Some articles on the use of video on Education

Davidson, H (2005), Meaningful Digital Video for Every Classroom

Graham, D.E. (2004), UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER, Schools use video technology in bid to boost learning

Other suggestions...

Embedding Multimedia, by Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

Try... Creative Commons stuff! Great!

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